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Case Studies

RMS Case Studies in Brazing

Obstacle 1
A Fortune 500 automotive manufacturer developed a line of anti-lock brake sensors, using a two piece design of 304 stainless steel.  With the roll out of the product line, the company required a way to save production costs and ensure quality assembly along with scheduled deliveries.
The RMS Solution

The brazing services of RMS solved several issues for the automotive manufacturer:

    Design and development
    Minimal production costs
    Maximized production efficiency
    On time delivery

Obstacle 2
A large provider of hydraulic fittings, used in construction, trucking and other industries, who has an in house brazing and annealing department, experienced a major equipment break down of their furnace.  The malfunction made it impossible for the company to continue production of brazing and annealing their steel components. Crunched for time, the company needed a back up source so they could remain on schedule to their customers.
The RMS Solution

Out of the 25+ companies that the hydraulic company contacted, RMS was the first company who was able to accommodate their brazing and annealing requirements, on time and budget.

Today RMS is the only approved back up provider for this customer who ships product around the world.

    24 hr. turnaround of brazing and annealing services within budget and to strict ISO       standards which meet or exceed the customers standards

Obstacle 3
A renowned home appliance manufacturer of kitchen faucets was dissatisfied with the quality and delivery of their current local brazing vendor. The company required a reliable supplier who could deliver quality induction brazing on schedule.
The RMS Solution

To meet the immediate production capacity of the customer, RMS developed and added the required induction equipment and tooling along with a test station. RMS was in full production within 7 days and is now the main supplier to this customer.

    Quality brazing, assembly and testing
    Immediate turnaround
    Cost effective brazing solutions

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